WRISE Group Appoints Group COO and Group Risk & Compliance Head to Strengthen Commitment to Core Business Fundamentals

Derrick Tan, Chairman and CEO of WRISE Wealth Management, and a veteran in the global private banking industry, is set to transform and simplify wealth management with a holistic suite of services on a single platform

15 August 2022 – WRISE Group Holdings (WRISE), is primed to transform the wealth management industry today with the launch of WRISE Wealth Management (WRISE WM) and its proprietary core wealth system, TREX.

WRISE is committed to offering ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) innovative and client-centred solutions to grow their wealth and live their dreams.

WRISE WM is set up to fulfil this ambition as a technologically advanced wealth management firm that provides UHNWIs with the digital tools for complete control and transparency over their total wealth. Making wealth management easier is a host of complementary services that range from portfolio management and unbiased expert advice, to a network of strategic partners with deep specialisation in wealth planning, corporate services and more.

All of these services can be assessed and managed easily by its proprietary core wealth system, TREX, a cutting-edge platform that can intuitively address clients’ myriad wealth management needs.

“With the global economic uncertainty, market volatility and wealth transfer taking place globally, we observed a change in the requirements of the UHNWIs. There is increasing demand for family offices across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions, and a new generation of clients who are digital natives and who prefer greater control over their portfolios. However, this growing number of UHNWI-backed family offices in recent years has led to increased management and maintenance costs, further aggravated by a lack of independent and experienced wealth management talents to meet demand. What they need is a way to consolidate their total wealth to simplify wealth management, and hence, WRISE is formed to bridge these gaps and to meet the needs of these UHNWIs,” said Derrick Tan, Chairman and CEO, WRISE Wealth Management.

Addressing the wealth management gap

Currently, the UHNWIs and their independent wealth managers rely heavily on banking systems for product ideas and suitability, and often lack transparency. Tan saw a clear opportunity in the industry to provide a consolidated view of a UHNWI’s total bankable and non-bankable assets, thus reducing the complexities of wealth management, such as managing multiple entities and navigating through their various asset classes.

To this end, TREX, the core wealth system supporting WRISE, will bring innovative and best-in-class technology to help UHNWIs consolidate their portfolios over a single, easy-to-use platform. Clients can navigate and fully customise their total wealth to make timely investment decisions, anytime and anywhere.

Delivering a simplified world of asset management

WRISE aspires to be the most client-centred and innovative wealth enterprise by providing comprehensive solutions that make it easy for UHNWs to grow their wealth and live their dreams. Together with a network of affiliated offices and strategic partners located globally, WRISE provides exceptional and highly personalised wealth services to meet the business and personal needs of UHNWIs.

WRISE aims to set the gold standard in helping clients achieve their wealth and legacy goals with a powerful digital platform to simplify wealth management.


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