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Web Front-End Developer (Vue) 
China  | Full-time

Posting Date: 14  Aug 2023

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Answer to both the project manager and senior software engineer and execute web front-end development and be responsible for the realisation of functional codes of moderate difficulty. 

  • Carry out maintenance, BUG repair and improvement of the existing system. 

  • Remain responsible for the preparation of relevant technical documents in accordance with the company's administrative standards. 

  • Keep track of the latest front-end technologies and development trends, explore new technologies, and improve overall user experience. 

  • Complete any other tasks assigned by the supervisor. 


Job Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or above - computer-related majors, and financial background are preferred. 

  • Three years or more of web front-end work experience, solid front-end basic skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and can independently undertake the development of functional modules. 

  • Familiar with the Vue bucket of technologies, with practical experience in front-end componentisation, master Vue3 and Typescript language is preferred. 

  • Familiar with Es6/Es7 syntax. 

  • Proficient in using front-end automation construction tools, such as: webpack, Gulp/Grunt, Vite, etc., and have a deep understanding of front-end modularisation and engineering processes. 

  • Familiar with the team development process, proficient in using git tools for code management. 

  • Good code reading ability and English reading ability, able to read and understand English materials, have a strong interest in web front-end technology, possess good learning ability, high communication proficiency, great sense of responsibility and teamwork. 

Apply now and join us on our exciting journey! For interested applicants, please submit your resume to

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