WRISE Private is a comprehensive family office gateway. With our wealth management platform seamlessly integrated with 7 banks for data feed and pricing information from 10 banks, Reuters and Refinitive, we assist in the set-up of new gen family offices. Our approach allows you to plug-and-play at institutional level, which includes investment banks, private banks, fund managers, trust firms, and so on.

Asset Management

Institutional Insights

Unlock unparalleled insights through exclusive access to institutional investment firms. Leverage their research and investment banking capabilities for a tailored investment experience. 

Foreign Currency Management

Navigate global markets seamlessly with our specialised foreign currency management, harnessing the potential of diverse currencies for enhanced returns.

Advanced Risk Matching

Mitigate risks effectively through our advanced risk matching techniques, aligning your investment strategy with your risk tolerance for a secure financial future.

Alternative Investments

Diversify your portfolio intelligently with access to exclusive alternative investments, broadening your wealth-building opportunities beyond traditional avenues.


Leverage strategic financing options to fuel your investment objectives, ensuring you have the capital and support needed for ambitious wealth growth.

Curated Investment Structures

Collaboratively design investment structures tailored to you. Utilise variable capital companies, actively managed certificates, and private investment vehicles that align with your unique preferences.

Wealth Planning

Trust Services

Elevate your financial legacy with our trust services. We expertly manage your assets, ensuring a seamless transition across generations, providing enduring financial security for your heirs.

Total Estate Planning

Craft a lasting legacy with our total estate planning. From asset distribution to minimising tax burdens, our meticulous approach ensures that your legacy is preserved and passed down according to your wishes.

Life Insurance

Secure the future for your loved ones with our life insurance solutions. We tailor coverage to your unique needs, providing a financial safety net that ensures your family’s well-being in times of need.

Tax Liability Planning

Maximise returns and minimise tax burdens with careful tax planning. Our strategic approach ensures that your wealth works efficiently, optimising your financial outcomes.

Wealth Structuring

Experience tailored wealth structuring for your family or business. Our strategic approach ensures that your assets are organised in alignment with your goals, providing a solid foundation for sustained financial success.

Trust and Corporate Services

Accounting Services

Experience seamless financial management with our comprehensive accounting services—from meticulous bookkeeping to expert audits, ensuring optimised success.

Bank Account Opening Services

Unlock global financial opportunities through our bank account opening services. Corporate or personal, US accounts included, for seamless access to tailored banking options.

Certification Services

Streamline fund operations with our certification services. Traditional or paperless, we ensure efficient processes for seamless fund transactions.

Company Incorporation

Lay a strong business foundation with our company incorporation. From Hong Kong Limited to offshore entities, we craft the ideal corporate structure for you.

Application for Pass / Residency

Seamlessly handle global employment regulations. We assist in SG and HK employment passes, ensuring a smooth transition for your international workforce.

Application of Professional Licenses

Navigate licensing effortlessly. Whether securities, insurance, or corporate services, we ensure compliance with a smooth licensing process in Hong Kong and beyond.

Company Merger & Acquisition

Ignite growth with our M&A expertise. From consultations to due diligence, we tailor proposals aligning with your objectives for successful mergers and acquisitions.

Tax Planning

Optimise tax efficiency with our expert planning. Through consultation and analysis, we tailor a strategy aligning with your business goals and exploring concessions.

Enterprise Financing

Fuel business growth with our financing services. From designing plans to leading venture capital opportunities, we empower your business aspirations with strategic financial solutions.

Monetary Authority of Singapore Capital Markets Services License / Exempt Financial Adviser (includes ability to distribute insurance)
Licence no.: CMS101245

Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission Type 1, 4 and 9
Licence no.: BRZ740

Dubai Financial Services Authority Category 3C
Licence no.: 5557