WRISE Japan is dedicated to delivering tailored corporate solutions for funds, family offices, and companies. Recognising the crucial role of effective communication with experts in business expansion and investment ventures, we pride ourselves on being a rare gem in the industry with proficient English-speaking advisors.

In a landscape where such communication is paramount for success, WRISE Japan embraces the significant responsibility of facilitating the entry of foreign capital into the Japanese market. Our mission is centred on reducing the barriers to business expansion in Japan, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for our clients as they navigate the complexities of the market.

Company Incorporation

Various entity types, including Private Limited (Kabushiki Kaisha), Godo Kaisha, and Ippan Shadan Hojin.

Bank Account Services

Bank Account Services include efficient bank account opening and comprehensive cash management solutions. Whether you are opening new accounts or optimising existing ones, we provide seamless processes and effective cash flow management to meet your financial needs.

Accounting Services​

Our services encompass setting accounting policies and providing reliable payroll management solutions. From establishing clear financial guidelines to efficiently handling payroll processes, we provide accurate and compliant financial operations for your business.

Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment services entail sourcing properties, structuring investments, and providing comprehensive documentation support. From identifying lucrative real estate opportunities to crafting strategic investment structures and ensuring seamless documentation, we facilitate successful real estate investments tailored to your objectives.

Visa Application

Visa Application services include assistance with Investor/Business Manager visas and various other visa types. We provide comprehensive support throughout the application process, including documentation preparation and submission, ensuring a smooth and efficient visa application experience for our clients.

Tax and Legal Planning

Liaising with tax and legal advisors, conducting thorough tax and legal analyses, including structuring, and managing tax filings for corporate, consumption, and individual taxes.

Company Mergers & Acquisition services

Sourcing target companies, conducting comprehensive due diligence encompassing business, finance, and tax aspects, and providing objective evaluations. We specialise in designing M&A structures tailored to your objectives, ensuring strategic proposals for integration and growth.

Management of Japanese Professionals

WRISE Japan coordinates with licensed Japanese professionals such as lawyers and tax accountants, and acts as a liaison, managing these third-party experts on behalf of clients.

Legal Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of legal services, catering to the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and organisations. This includes legal advice, document drafting and review, compliance assistance, regulatory guidance, and dispute resolution. We ensure that clients receive expert support to address their legal concerns and navigate complex legal landscapes effectively.

Ongoing Compliance

We ensure clients adhere to laws, regulations, and industry standards through continuous monitoring and assessment. It includes regular audits, updates on regulatory changes, and assistance in resolving compliance issues, promoting operational integrity and mitigating risks.