WeWRISE provides global, independent and regulated services for funds, family offices and company service. We strive to serve our clients with the most comprehensive fund management and corporate services. We have strong experience on both onshore and offshore fund structure, corporate services and investor relationship.

Legal Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of legal services, catering to the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and organisations. This includes legal advice, document drafting and review, compliance assistance, regulatory guidance, and dispute resolution. We ensure that clients receive expert support to address their legal concerns and navigate complex legal landscapes effectively.

Ongoing Compliance

We ensure clients adhere to laws, regulations, and industry standards through continuous monitoring and assessment. This includes regular audits, updates on regulatory changes, and assistance in resolving compliance issues, promoting operational integrity and mitigating risks.

Asset Valuation

We provide asset valuation services for individuals and businesses, assessing the value of various assets like real estate, financial investments, and intellectual property. We offer accurate valuations to support clients in decision-making regarding asset management, investments, and transactions.

Post Investment

To ensure client satisfaction, we optimise investment outcomes which includes performance monitoring, regular updates, strategic advice, and portfolio management support.

Custodian Service

Instilling peace of mind for clients who entrust their assets to our care, our focus is on asset protection and efficient management. This entails securely holding assets, processing transactions, and providing comprehensive reporting and record-keeping services.