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Flutter Development Engineer (Mobile Front-end Developer) 
China | Full-time

Posting Date: 14  Aug 2023


Job Responsibilities:

  • ndependently develop mobile application software in relation to the UI design and specifications and ensure progress of the corresponding product development. 

  • Responsible for the research of mobile platform software framework, requirements development, precipitation of business components, performance optimisation, verification, and selection of key technologies. 

  • Responsible for the preparation of relevant technical documents in accordance with the company's documentation standards. 

  • Update and maintain the App. 

  • Learn and research new mobile internet technologies to meet product demands. 


Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above - computer-related major and financial background is preferred. 

  • Familiar with the mobile application development process, with three years or more experience in mobile or cross-platform development; it is ideal to for candidates to have self-launched an App previously. 

  • Proficient in Dart development language, proficient in Flutter App development, familiar with Flutter framework, proficient in using various UI components and UI development. Candidates who can independently develop Android or iOS applications are also preferred. 

  • Proficiency in the application of relevant Flutter state management frameworks, such as Provider. 

  • Understand the APP listing process, and ability to independently complete the APP packaging, review, and listing work. 

  • Good code reading ability and English reading ability, can read and understand English materials, and have a strong sense of teamwork. 

Apply now and join us on our exciting journey! For interested applicants, please submit your resume to

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