Tailored Investment Strategies

WRISE tailors investment plans to align with your goals. Access institutional pricing for global opportunities aligned with your aspirations.

Innovative Wealth Overview

TREX, our proprietary wealth platform, streamlines total wealth viewing, updates on market trends, and provides transparency all in one place.

Alignment of Interest

With a dedicated team, we oversee risk and compliance in our operations. Every business aspect prioritises your best interests at its core.

who we are

Powering a New Era of Wealth Management

WRISE Group is one of the fastest growing wealth management firms, headquartered in Singapore with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Tokyo.

Leveraging a team of client advisors and investment specialists empowered by technology, we provide clients with a comprehensive suite of wealth management services, offering seamless, end-to-end support, from advisory to execution, helping them to grow, manage and protect their wealth.

With our vast ecosystem, we provide clients with access to over 150 financial intermediaries across eight booking locations. We are committed to connecting clients to borderless opportunities through our nexus of partnerships.

About Us